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We help you drive enrollment, streamline data management, boost student engagement, and manage change. Focus on your goals; let Markations deliver the results.

Software Solutions

Our Higher Ed WordPress theme is built on years of experience developing and managing websites for colleges and universities. We’ve already built the features you need.

Our easy to use catalog software keeps your Registrar happy. Our approach to keeping prospective students on your website makes Enrollment smile.

Whether using our catalog or another product, our program finder helps prospective students get to the answers and details they want most before applying.

Our Career plugin integrates live O*NET data into your program and pathway pages. Keep prospective students on your website and help them find their destination.

Your academic teams need to assemble data, prioritize resources, assign advisors, mentors, and counselors, and have a way for you to communicate with each student and with each other.

Different students need different support services to be successful. Help your students by building out personalized goals to help keep them engaged and reaching their potential.

Faculty and Staff details throughout your website should be centralized and easy to manage. Our plugin has robust integration and content display features you will love.

Technology Drives Outcomes

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Case Studies

Here is a sampling of our software projects within Higher Education.

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Program Finder

Caldwell Programs

Powered by Markations Catalog, our program finder helps Caldwell University’s prospective students get to the information they want most, immediately upon arriving on the homepage of the website.

Retention Module

PCCC Dashboard

The Passaic County Community College EOF team needs to be able to view all students on a centralized dashboard to monitor progress and deploy resources. Our dashboard provides insights in a comprehensive view that is easy to sort through for quick decision making.

Directory Plugin

Campus Directory

We pull data from the SIS and transform it into a complete directory system that allows for non-truncated display names, images, bios, office locations and more. Core information is automatically updated, and supplemental information added and centrally managed.

Student Goals Module

EOF Student Goals

We partnered with the EOF Program at PCCC to launch our new Student Goals module. This platform helps the EOF team provide individual goals to each student in the program based on their specific needs. Tailored support for students increases engagement and outcomes.

Markations Core

Caldwell University

We engaged an agency partner for the website redesign and then developed this university website from the ground up on Markations Core. This accessible, responsive, and expansive site is so flexible and easy to use that it has been managed almost exclusively with student workers for over 2 years.

Career Finder

Career Integration

Our Career Finder was integrated into the PCCC website to help prospective students understand career options and salaries when deciding on a pathway or program of study.

Markations Catalog

Mercyhurst Catalog

Mercyhurst University selected the Markations Catalog software over other platforms based on flexibility, ease of management, speed of implementation, and price.

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